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"Fran is an extremely passionate designer who listens carefully to the client's needs and always has great - and doable - ideas in stock. She helped us to create the whole visual identity for Europe's first FitTech Summit including logo and website redesign, color CI, print materials like flyers, posters, badges etc, social media visuals, main stage design and many more. She also created the motion design for the conference all by herself, even though she had no previous experience in this area and had to learn everything from scratch in her spare time. I highly recommend Fran as someone to rely on!"

Natalia Karbasova     Head of Burda Bootcamp & Founder of FitTech Summit (Germany)


"After all the fantastic work(!) that Fran did for us at Fujitsu, I can highly recommend Fran. Fran is a wonderful person to work with, she's able to analyze the customer's needs and translate them into brilliant design ideas. Completely open to feedback, she understands very well the brand constraints and adapts quickly to each situation to deliver final design elements that both meet customers' requirements and visually look great."

Sebastien Fabre     Head of UX, Fujitsu EST (Germany)


"Fran had to integrate a rather complex working environment and despite many
grey areas, she could maintain a very good and positive attitude throughout her assignment. Her contributions have been valued and she has been a very appreciated team player."

Sandrine Tognotti    |    UX Architect, European Patent Office (Germany)


"If you are looking for an awesome logo, illustration or typography you
should consider working with Fran Caye. Her sense for aesthetics and

detail is remarkable." 

Maximilian Rang    |    Creative Producer, Kropac Media GmbH (Germany)


"I worked with Fran at Powerself, where she left her very own mark: being committed and very professional, but also having good humor and being a great companion to work with. To this day we still use the results of her work and fondly remember her coexistence. She arrived as a professional and left as a friend - to win the world. "

Jaime Wagner     |    Founder and Director, Powerself (Brazil)

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