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I'm fran Caye


I am a designer by heart, with a sharp eye for visual. 

I graduated in advertising and I also have a post-graduation degree in marketing and communication.


I've spent the last 15 years working on the creative market, bringing inspiring ideas to life, always watching carefully to function, simplicity, quality, beauty, and sustainability. Whether for products or services.


What drives me is to develop bold ideas that go beyond the limits of traditional and digital, and beyond artwork and advertising. In light of this, I’m an inventive thinker, passionate about innovation and all design can possibly bring to the world. I am an observer of human behavior, fast-worker and my extensive multidisciplinary experience give me the ability to glimpse the new with a fun and functional approach.


Every project is unique to meI love bringing creativity, commitment, coherence, and personality to all of them.

I find inspiration in nature and children's smiles, and my biggest passion is art. By the way, I am currently available for new projects.

Fran Caye Franceline Caye

LET'S TALK ABOUT art, illustration, (real) innovation, biomimetics, yoga, living off the grid, poetry, (veg) cooking, picnics, the best circus performances you have ever seen, meditation, zen, and music.

Currently learning all about permaculture design.

When in Brazil, surfing.

If you got interested, please request my resume or portfolioAlso if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me.  

Meeting for a coffee will also be very appreciated.
I like espresso doppio. No sugar, please :)


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